About UNIXy

UNIXy (http://www.unixy.net) manages all aspects of servers and infrastructure on behalf of businesses and individuals. We pride ourselves in the work and effort we put in keeping your servers available and secure. Our customers enjoy the benefits of our stellar support and the fully managed service.

Many companies out there try very hard to get your business. Their bright and shiny Websites convey a sense of trust and accomplishment. But we all know that appearances can be deceiving. With UNIXy, however, you are dealing with a company that would rather offer a fully managed service across the board and from the get-go. We cringe at the thought of offering unmanaged servers to customers.

Our support crew is very friendly and helpful. We are human beings helping human beings achieve their goal. We believe that going the extra mile, humanizing support, and treating our customers with care goes a long long way towards reaching that goal. Our smallest plan offerings have plenty of resources to empower strong business growth.

As the CEO of the company, I would like to extend to you my invitation to try our service. I can assure you that you have nothing to lose but the whole world to gain.

UNIXy Team

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