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Varnish Plugin: Introducing HTTP Gun

The cPanel Varnish Plugin version 2.0.0 is out!

This new release sports mostly new features and some fixes. Get yours at

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Introduction HTTP Gun

HTTP Gun is the most awaited feature of the Varnish Plugin. If you have a website that you seldom update (read 99% of websites on the web), then why do servers need to keep doing the same mundane work over, and over, and over again every time someone visits your website? Isn’t it smarter to cache the HTML in memory and let Varnish serve it out?┬áRhetorical question of course! But then, no one’s doing anything about it.

We most absolutely are thinking about these pesky issues day in day out and are delivering on the promise.



HTTP Gun puts this issue to rest. Caching your website means your server will:

  • Need less resources to run (save on $$$)
  • Handle more traffic (translates to $$$)
  • Publish your website at lightening speeds (better conversion, SERP, etc)
HTTP Gun. Aggressive Caching

HTTP Gun. Aggressive Caching


Malloc vs File

Another feature is the ability to switch to Varnish storage of type malloc (for memory-backed allocations). Now you can do so with a simple click and take advantage of the performance boost. But be sure to go through the varnish check list on this page


Malloc Varnish Plugin

Malloc Varnish Allocations

Upgrade to Varnish 3.0.5

Varnish release 3.0.5 addresses some stability and performance issues and so we have upgraded to 3.05 as well.