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Varnish 1.6.2

1.6.2-elX is an important update release (though not critical). Starting form WHM 11.36, cPanel has transitioned to using its own perl interpreter (not /usr/bin/perl). So if you’re on 11.36 and up and don’t have Net::LibIDN, you’re going to lose Varnish WHM functionality on your server.

Here are the changes in 1.6.2:

1) Upgrade Varnish to latest 3.0.3
2) Improve PNG caching
3) Add support for httpd 2.4
4) Fix ModSec X-Forwarded-For in VCL
5) Fix cli timeouts when server is under disk IO load
6) Fix shebang to cPanel’s perl
7) Fix purge logic
8) Phase one of end user functionality support
9) Phase one of scripts store support

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