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First release of the Varnish+Nginx plugin for cPanel WHM!

Our cPanel Varnish Plugin software release has been very successful. It has gained unprecedented momentum! In fact, we have received thousands of positive reviews. The performance boost your websites experience is AMAZING! All of this for a measly sum of $5.99/mo, which by the way comes with basic support from THE only truly fully managed server company in the industry. In comparison, a reasonable beefier server will cost you hundreds of dollars extra a month! Talk about savings! We are proud of this software release.

Today, we are also proud to have released the cPanel Varnish+Nginx Plugin for WHM. Another amazing feat and a sound combination of open source software legends! We have taken it up a notch and have challenged ourselves. This isn’t just Varnish “plus” Nginx solution. The result is beyond the sum of the parts. It’s a bold engineering effort that focused on getting the most performance, security, and stability out of the best pieces of software of the Web hosting world.

You have before you the ultimate lean mean hosting machine!