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phpFox Managed Cluster – phpFox unpublished server and script tweaks

We’ve been working with phpFox for several years and know exactly what it takes to make your phpfox social network snappy and handle inordinate amounts of users. Whether it is one dedicated server¬†or a cluster of nodes, you have an experienced and very capable team assisting you around the clock all year long.

How do we improve performance for phpfox?

  • Varnish Load Balancer + Nginx + php-fpm
  • Varnish custom VCL (unpublished phpfox specific VCL)
  • Comprehensive DB optimization (SQL queries rewrite, DB optimization, proper InnoDB configuration)
  • phpFox compatible code and admincp adjustments (unpublished phpfox changes)

We take full ownership of IT matters for your business. In addition to the impeccable and comprehensive management service, we provide full support for all your third party applications at no extra charge. Our pledge to you, our customer, is to support your business and to propel you forward with technology that is light years ahead of your competition.

In this very unique offer, we are taking on the task of building your very own fully managed dedicated cluster. This cluster is the perfect recipe for a successful large scale forum, social network, publication, blog, portal, and just about any application there is. The technology deployed is proven and bound to get you the most performance, responsiveness, and scalability. We deploy Web accelerators, NFS, SAN, or iSCSI storage back-ends, PHP headless nodes, load balancing, self healing, and unattended in-situ failover. The configuration scales out so that an increase in traffic can be easily mitigated by adding headless nodes.

Why would one want to upgrade to a cluster?

  • Sell more items from your website
  • Receive more traffic than ever before
  • More money from ads and new business
  • Fast page load and better speeds even when under heavy traffic
  • Better search engine rankings (more visitors)
  • Scale your site infinitely!
  • Visitors happier more than ever
  • phpfox activity feed professional tune-up

Hosting locations

  • Houston, Texas
  • Rotterdam, NL
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Atlanta, Georgia