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Varnish plugin 1.4.5rc7 released – preview of 1.4.5rc8


rc7 is out! We’ve upgraded to Varnish 3.0.2, fixed bugs, and made improvements to make your cPanel WHM server run even more faster than litespeed! Head out to the varnish download page:

In brief:

  • Upgrade Varnish to 3.0.2
  • Increase httpd hdr len for req/resp
  • Increase session WS
  • Add Varnish monitoring crontab job

rc8 will see two neat features. The first will is a Slashdot Survive URL opt-in list where if you were to receive enormous traffic, Varnish can shield your server by responding directly to those requests (completely bypassing Apache or any server-side processing). So serving a slashdot-like audience will require a small fixed amount of memory as opposed to an unpredictable amount of resources (and most likely a server crash). The second feature will deal with aggressive bots. This addition creates a shared memory store for bots so they sources pages from the same store and prevent server crashes due to aggressive bots.

There’s more in 1.4.5rc8 so stay tuned!