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Internet at 10000 feet and why it’s important

Before I delve into the meat of this post, Internet access is critical to what we (UNIXy) do. We are a fully managed server and cluster provider. The quality of service we offer is critical to our success. So it’s only natural we concert a continuous effort to improve the service on all fronts. Being fully staffed and accessible to our clients 24/7 is imperative. We must be available within short notice (e.g. < 10 minutes) at all times around the clock.

So Internet at 10000 feet means we don’t have to deal with temporary staffing shortages due to unplanned trips. But most importantly it means service quality remains consistent. Internet at 10k is even more important as we expand to different parts of the country and Europe. But in such a rough, high altitude environment there are so many things that can go wrong with the Wifi service. And it has. Southwest Airlines’ Wifi service is too unreliable to consider.

I’ll ask the pilot to reboot the system to see if it helps

On the other hand, Virgin America’s Wifi system powered by Gogo  LLC is very reliable. So this is the airline we’ve been booking with lately. While domestic flights have us covered, transatlantic connectivity has yet to materialize. 30000 feet is the new frontier. I’m confident that some day we’ll be back here reporting about how good it is to support our clients at 30k feet.