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Varnish Cache PHP Extension Hits PECL Repository

Varnish PHP bindings are useful for folks that need to manage Varnish from PHP. A palpable version of the extension code has finally been released. Keep in mind that the release is early beta. Nonetheless, the milestone is significant. So, what can one accomplish with the API?

Here’s a list of the most important function calls:

 banUrl - Purge URL
 ban - Free form purge command
 isRunning - Boolean
 setPort - Set the admin port
 getSnapshot - Retrieve statistics snapshots
 getLine - Retrieve log entry

We are keeping a close eye on the development of the PHP Varnish extension and will update this page.


UNIXY is a long-time Varnish Cache user and evangelist. They have been offering Varnish acceleration to their VPS, dedicated server, and cluster clients for more than three years. They have released the first cPanel Varnish plugin as well as spun a new startup,Fastlayer, the on-demand HTTP accelerator for the cloud.


That’s all folks!

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