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Improve phpBB Performance – Quick Win

phpBB is a open source forum software. The board’s index page lists the topics along with a listing of online members. While trouble shooting a customer report of a slower loading of the board “index” page, we found out that the fix in itself is simple and easy to implement. We would like to share this solution in the hope that it will benefit others. It turns out one of the hot spot table, phpbb_users, is not indexed. The performance fix is to simply add an index on column user_email of only 15 characters. Here is an example of the index creation:

create index phpbb_users_email on phpbb_users (user_email(15));

That should do it. Enjoy the quick performance bump! Keep in mind that UNIXy is a fully managed shop and is always happy to lend a hand with systems questions. This is part of our fully managed services guarantee that comes with our VPS and dedicated servers.

That’s all folks!