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We Have to Be Better Than Them

How else would we attract and keep customers? Does it mean that we have to offer better servers? Is it better uptime? Or is it better service? You bet! It is a difficult feat because one has to keep a perfect record in such competitive environment. Not only do we need a perfect track record but we also need to add value; something the competition has gotten too “fat” to afford providing to customers.

As an example, we are proud to offer third-party application support for in-house or custom software. It translates to hours of free labor on our part. We also offer free hardware upgrades and technology refresh all year long. Larger firms cannot afford to give away complimentary upgrades or provide such higher quality service.

Let us take Hostgator for example. The firm is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising. It does not impact their bottom line should they make a mistake. In fact, it does not matter at all because they are able to replenish their customer base very quickly. They could care less about low churn rate either (to an extent), again, because of the snowballing and psychological effect that their advertising campaigns create. There is no incentive in providing free add value services.

We, on the other hand, do not advertise. I know that is shocking! In fact, most sign-ups come from customer referrals; our own customers take the initiative to refer others to us, which we are very grateful for by the way. Primarily because we go above, beyond, and through. We do not nickel and dime either.

We have to be better than them!

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