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Optimize Busy Mediawiki Portal Using Disk and Memory Caching

We have had great success with Mediawiki running behind Varnish, a proxy / web accelerator. The role of Varnish is to cache as many requests as possible. This helps alleviate resource consumption on the server such as CPU, memory, and disk, which in turn greatly improves performance and browser responsiveness. With Varnish in place, the load average went down from 30 to 4!

Configuring Varnish is a bit involved and we shall cover it on the next installment. In the mean time, here are some measures that can be put in place to gain a quick performance boost without much complexity.

  1. Enable Eaccelerator or Xcache OR
  2. Enable Mediawiki’s FileCache driver: $wgUseFileCache = true; AND
  3. Enable MySQL query caching by increasing query_cache_size in the configuration file
  4. Compile and enable Apache’s mod_mem_cache

Be sure to disable suPHP and set the correct permission on the cache directory so the Apache user is able to read/write to the cache. The cache directory is usually located directly under ${DocumentRoot}/.

As part of our fully managed service, we optimize and configure customers’ servers free of charge! Ask how we can improve your portal’s performance. That’s all folks!

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