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Tweet Varnish plugin version 1.8.4 sports a new crucial feature: the ability to fend off WordPress wp-login.php bot attacks with Rate Limit. This release also addresses several bugs affecting the Varnish End User Features option. Head out to your client area to grab a copy now! Enjoy!

I have to say that comments like the ones on this page make our day. If there’s a reason we do what we do, set higher standards, and fight for our customers, that’s gotta be it. A big thank you for all the support and encouragements.

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Tweet Be sure to read through the previous post for a quick introduction of IOPS. Suppose that you’re copying a 10GB file from one disk to another. Let us assume that the only bottleneck is the disks’ own IOPS, which in case is 120. We are also only focusing on the disk where the data […]

Tweet Many users tend to worry when the free memory on a Linux system is very low. Especially when the system is barely active. What many don’t know is that this is normal behavior for Linux. It simply takes your free memory and caches it. This caching behavior makes subsequent memory allocations much faster. So […]

This is part one of a series of guides on how to perform a proper migration of a Web application. Proper because the goal is to seamlessly and preparedly switch over to a new server or provider. We’ll set the bar high enough to only allow room for a 5-10 minutes of cumulative downtime.