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There are use cases that Wordpress core isn’t well optimized for. The end result is poor page load and sub optimal performance. One of these use cases is the too-many-URLs or menu links issue. WP is then forced to break down these requests into smaller chunks to process them. Except that smaller chunks almost always amount to significant overhead especially with a high number of URLs. Here’s the fix.

How to backup and restore one or multiple cpanel accounts from the command line / ssh. Quick / fast transfer and on-liners

cPanel licensing issue when using multiple subnets / networks on the same server. The fix is to use the METRIC option in the interface configuration file.

In this post, I’m going to list the steps required to pair the cPanel Varnish Plugin with Litespeed on cPanel WHM servers. These few procedures apply to a blank cPanel installation (no Litespeed, no Varnish Plugin). The order below is important so don’t skip!

A default installation of FastCGI on cPanel server is dangerously simple. In this post, I’ll go over what it takes to configure FastCGI on a cPanel node properly.

Varnish not responding to CLI, killing it died signal=3 Explained

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