Archive for the ‘Continuity’ Category is a script you can run on your server to get advice on what you could possibly change to make your Varnish caching more efficient. The script is available for download.

Instead of increasing your hardware fleet to several folds your current needed capacity for the sole purpose of absorbing search engine traffic, you can leverage a dirt-cheap high-density RAM server to cache as much of your content on a separate server where all bot traffic will be “trapped.”

Server owners tend to be power users as they access multiple services (Web, control panel, email, SSH, etc) on their server within a very short time span. This can generally trigger an IP block at the firewall. If you happen to be on the go and haven’t had a chance to whitelist your mobile IP, you’re out of luck (well not really because we’re still here to help 24/7)! But power users are POWER users! So we empower them so they can unblock themselves without needing to enter a single request with us.

Tweet Varnish plugin version 1.8.4 sports a new crucial feature: the ability to fend off WordPress wp-login.php bot attacks with Rate Limit. This release also addresses several bugs affecting the Varnish End User Features option. Head out to your client area to grab a copy now! Enjoy!

Largest DDoS Attack in the History of the Internet at 300Gbps

Internet at 10000 feet means we don’t have to deal with temporary staffing shortages due to unplanned trips. But most importantly it means service quality remains consistent. Internet at 10k is even more important as we expand to different parts of the country and Europe.