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Tweet cPanel’s top 3 performance apps has UNIXy’s Varnish Plugin among its top performers. We are proud of our accomplishment thus far and the many performance breakthroughs to come!  

Varnish subscribers seeking expedited assistance to their request now have the option to push their request up in the queue for immediate assistance for fixed cost.

Instead of increasing your hardware fleet to several folds your current needed capacity for the sole purpose of absorbing search engine traffic, you can leverage a dirt-cheap high-density RAM server to cache as much of your content on a separate server where all bot traffic will be “trapped.”

The cPanel Varnish LiteSpeed Plugin has received a brand new update with features that will make your Websites pull at 250% faster page loads from the previous plugin release.

Tweet This is a big one for the cPanel Varnish Nginx Plugin. Here’s a glimpse of the big changes: Varnish Warp for Magento, WordPress, and Drupal Port all main-line features (HTTP Gun, IP Passthru, End User Features, etc) Inclusion of Nginx 1.6.0 and Varnish 3.0.5 A slew of bug fixes Enjoy!

We have added a set of managed servers powered by the ARM platform to our pantheon of services. These ARM servers sport an eSSD drive, 2GB RAM, a quad core CPU, and a quad core GPU! All for the very affordable rate of $49/mo!

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