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Starting two days ago, we went through every one of our clients’ servers and updated OpenSSL to the latest patched version.

This hook will merely prevent some sign ups that attempt to exploit the vulnerability. It’s essentially there so you don’t waste too much time deleting fake AES_ENCRYPT sign up accounts.

Tweet It has been brought to our attention that a security vulnerability exists in the cPanel Varnish script. It affects Varnish releases 1.8.0-4. 1.2.2b, and older. We urge our subscribers to upgrade to the latest available release. Releases 1.8.0-5 and 1.2.4b have been listed as CRITICAL. The vulnerability can exploited when you have explicitly granted […]

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cPanel licensing issue when using multiple subnets / networks on the same server. The fix is to use the METRIC option in the interface configuration file.

This blog post will show you how to disable this wp-app.php/service so it doesn’t lead to crawling error from Google and other search engines.

Varnish not responding to CLI, killing it died signal=3 Explained

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