wp-app.php/service 401 403 crawl error webmaster tools – Resolved!

You’ve searched all over the net but can’t find a fix for this issue? This blog post will show you how to disable this wp-app.php/service so it doesn’t lead to crawling errors from Google and other search engines. You should NOT proceed with this fix if you’re posting from a remote application outside of your WordPress site (in other words using wp-admin). Otherwise you won’t be able to remote publish anymore.

We came up with this fix because our client needed help with his server. We provide fully managed servers and clusters in four of our locations around the world and are very happy to go above and beyond to make a client’s day. We LOVE helping our clients!

wp-app.php is part of the AtomPub module, which is used for remote publishing. Some folks find it more comfortable to publish their posts from a desktop application. That’s understandable but for the majority of people out there’s /wp-admin. If you’re one of those people that prefer posting via /wp-admin, then you can safely disable this module by navigating to Dashboard -> Settings -> Writing. Scroll down to the Remote Publishing section and uncheck Atom Publishing Protocol / Enable the Atom Publishing Protocol. Be sure to hit Save. Make sure to go back to webmaster tools -> Health -> Crawl Errors -> Check the box next to wp-app.php/service -> MARK AS FIXED -> OK.

If you’re still seeing a 401/403 HTTP status, I recommend adding this line to your blog’s .htaccess file:

redirect 410 /wp-app.php/service

It tells search engines this URL is gone for good.

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this entry.

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